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Bike anti-theft system


Our motorbike / moped anti-theft system is called Fox. It is our first released product in a line of high-tech devices in our Zoovironment series. Fox, like all of our other devices, uses our special in-house “Heart Beat” technology, a proprietary signaling algorithm our own engineers developed. Fox includes features such as anti-theft, anti-robbery protection, nearby motorbike locating, device sharing, smartphone control, and much more.

  1. Researching


    From the desire to bring a safer and more convenient life, Pitech has been researched a series of smart products including: bike anti-theft, safes, rolling doors, locks, ... At present, Pitech has been launched the bike anti-theft (Fox) and completed the next products to launch the market as soon as possible.

  2. Development


    The 4.0 revolution has been pushed things to be more automatic, personal and secure. With this trend, Pitech has researched and developed anti-theft products for motorcycles using the Heart Beat technology on the basis of bluetooth 4.1.

    This technology will automatically identify the owner of the vehicle and allow you to start the bike. With bluetooth frequencies that are very difficult to interrupt, it will make your bike almost unbreakable.

    In addition, you can use smartphones to control and especially you can share the usage right for people you trust. This has made FOX really different from other products.

  3. Releasing


    On 10 June, 2017 - BAS was officially completed and ready for launch at Honda Viet Thai Quan 3 - 01 Quang Trung, Ward 3, Go Vap District on 18 June, 2017.

  4. BAS


    BAS is the first generation of bike anti-theft for Pitech research and development. In this version, BAS has a lot of convenient features such as:

    • Auto-recognition mode: Your bike will know you are the owner when you get close to the device.

    • Find motobike: Press Pi 2 times to find the bike in public places.

    • Anti-robber: When you are robbed, just find a safe place to stay. Your vehicle will automatically shut down, blink and siren when the car runs away from you 10 - 15 seconds.

    • Anti-theft: When Pi isn's nearby, your bike will blink and siren if someone try to break or steal and the theft can't start the bike as well.

    • Control, manage and share usage rights: You can easily manage, control and share your Pi's usage right with your family via Pi application on your smartphone.

  5. FOX


    Our first generation anti-theft system was simply called BAS (bike anti-theft system). Our second generation anti-theft system has been renamed to Fox. Why fox? Because once your motorbike is equipped with our system, not only will your motorbike be fast, it will also be “sly as a fox”.  That, and we also decided to name our devices after animals, and thus the name “Zoovironment” cause on some level we think it’s cool … kind of.

    FOX includes some major algorithm improvements (for better anti-theft protection) over our first generation plus also a number of other features:

    Movement detection: If your bike is parked somewhere and someone touches it or moves it without your “Pi” keyfob being nearby, your bike will flash its headlights and the siren will sound. Enabling or disabling this feature is as easy as “pi”: just hold the button on your “Pi” keyfob for 3 seconds, your bike’s headlights will flash once notifying you that the feature is on, and will flash twice notifying you that the feature is off.

    Intelligent Pi detectionIn case your “Pi” keyfob ever slips out of your pocket onto the street while you’re driving your motorbike, your motorbike will flash its warning lights 10 times, alerting you that your Pi has been dropped, all the while still allowing you to drive your bike and not shut it down. On the other hand, if the Pi stays on your body, and someone robs you of your motorbike, your motorbike will shut off. Other systems will shut off the bike no matter what, as long as the keyfob is far away from the bike. Thanks to our “heart beat” technology, FOX is more “sly”.

    •Control battery: You can check the battery level of your accquy through Pi Application.


Rolling door


The second product in our Zoovironment series is a rolling door controller we call RHINO. Your rolling door can now be controlled with the same “Pi” keyfob you use to control Fox. The thing that’s special about Rhino is not only can you control it from your smartphone like Fox, but with our wifi-module add-on, you can control your rolling door from anywhere that has internet.

  1. Researching


    Smart rolling-door controller - Rhino - is the next product line of the smart family devices researched by Pitech. Through the rhinoceros image, Pitech wishes to convey the safety and reliability of this product to customers. Rhino will have many useful features such as remotely controlled by Pi key as well as by smart phones through "Pi application". Especially, Rhino can help you receive notifications of the status of the door any time and any place.

  2. Development


    We always want to dedicate the safety to our customers. Therefore, the smart door controller will also use the Heart Beat connection technology on the 4.1 bluetooth platform. With this technology, you will be completely reassured that the wavelengths are difficult to break. In addition, Pitech also helps you manage the rolling door more more easily through the Pi Application. With this app, you can get notifications as well as control the door even when you are far away.

  3. Releasing


    Rhino are completing the final steps to prepare for the lauching event which expected to hold in March 2018.

  4. The intelligent rolling door controller


    Rhino is released in April 2018, and has enough features even to satisfy even the most demanding customers such as:

    “Pi” keyfob: Control your rolling door with your Pi with a range of up to 15 meters.

    Smartphone control: No Pi? No problem, you can still use your smartphone to control your door and view your door’s history logs.

    • Share access: Use our iOS / Android app to share control of your door with your friends and family. You can also set a schedule of when they’re allowed access. And no, they don’t need to have a Pi, they just need to install our app on their smartphone.

    • Receive notifications: While you’re away from, receive notifications when an action occurs (wifi module add-on required)

    Door alarm: A siren will sound if anyone tries to lift or hit your rolling door.

    Obstacle detection: If your rolling door encounters an obstacle while it’s closing, it will automatically reverse to ensure your safety.

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