Project "PiBs - Pi Business Solution"

We have been researching and developing HeadCS application use Pienable technology for enterprices to help them increase productivity, reduce costs and raise customers' satisfaction.

Head CS uses Pienable technology to help customers save a lot of time and more convenient for the arrangement with many features such as:

+ Repair booking before arrival
+ Review repair history
+ Send complaints or report 
+ Vehicle information management
Receive information from the HEAD

The features with customers

To enterprises, Head CS also help them support their customers better with these features:

+ Indentify customers automatically
+ Faster when import customer information
+ View vehicle repair history
+ Support customers better
+ Speed up reception time
+ Totally using by app
+ Lower cost, higher efficiency

The features with enterprises

The essence of PiEnable technology is the signal connection between the HeadCS application and the bike anti-theft system (Fox). Therefore, as soon as the customer enters the company, the customer care staffs will have all the information such as the name of the customer, how many times has the customer repaired the bike, what have been fixed last that they can take care of customers in a better way.

The first place where we will apply this technology is HEAD Honda Viet Thai Quan - 01 Quang Trung, Ward 3, Go Vap District, HCMC.